Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'll keep this short because it's basically for documenting purposes, but we had a long night last night. It started off great, having a good dinner at Red Robin and then we decided to go to the pool for FHE. Summer is coming to a close and we have to take advantage of the nice days/nights we have left. Well, I headed over early to the pool with the kids and Ryan wasn't much behind. I wasn't planning on swimming, but we took the kids in their suits and brought jammies to change into after so they could go straight to bed once we got home. When Ryan got there, he came and sat by me and asked, "You didn't bring the car keys by chance did you?" I knew instantly what he meant, and what the fact that I didn't bring them meant. You see, a couple of days before we had our garage door replaced and we were supposed to program the code to get in. The man who replaced it offered to set the code, but I didn't really care for him to know our code. So, when Ryan asked about the car keys I knew what he was really asking is if we had a house key because the key pad had not been programmed yet. Nope, no keys and no garage opener because we had walked. We decided to get the kids out and head home to try and figure out what to do. We knew Ryan had locked all the doors. He is very thorough about that anytime we go anywhere. And sure enough, after climbing the fence and checking everywhere, no luck. Why couldn't this have been any other day the last 2 weeks. We've had our windows open all day every day...but not today.

So, we borrowed our neighbors phone and called my brother in law Jake to come over with a phone book and cell phone. It was 9:00 pm and I was wanting Caden to be in bed for school. He brought their car and the kids sat in there and watched movies while we tried every code we could think of, hoping that there was some generic code programmed until we set it. Ryan made call after call, getting answering machines or no answers. Finally, we were able to reach someone who quoted a price ($75) and said he'd be there in a half hour. We took the kids back to Becca and Jakes, tried to get them to sleep in their bed, and waited. Ryan came by later once he was in the house, picked us up, and took us home and the kids to bed. It made for such a late night, but at least we got our garage code programmed :)