Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chris & Annette's Wedding

My brother Chris got married, making all the Yorgason kids finally married (except Matt, who thinks he's next now)!!! My sister Deb and her family were not able to be there since she is close to having her baby, and we missed her and Greg and little Max tons. Except for that, it was a perfect day. Everything was beautiful and the ceremony was amazing, even though I thought my brother Matt was going to throw up on me. Didn't happen, but it would have been quite a story to tell. I've added lot of pictures, some which Melissa Boyle Niu took. She is an amazingly talented photographer and a family friend and it was so fun to have her and her brother there. Click on her name if you want to see more of her work.

I wish we could have captured the whole night in pictures. The reception was in my parents backyard, where all of us have had our receptions. My parents have figured this out to a T, and I don't think there was one thing they forgot. They even painted the grass with food coloring where the dead spots were. Nothing was to be left undone. The tent was beautiful, the lights in the tent and bushes set the perfect mood, the food was amazing, desserts were to die for...Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes and a Chocolate Fountain, ice carved into bowls to serve drinks, wedding cake carved out of ice, music I could have listened to all was all so perfect. The kids played their little hearts out on the playground, helped themselves to as much sugar and sweets as one could handle. Caden was so sweaty and hot before the night even got started. He and his cousin Gabe know how to have fun only like boys do. Avery spent the night dancing on the dance floor, playing in the sand, eating lots of food. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Caden went through two shirts and two pairs of paints by the time the night was over. Who knew chocolate and mud would come out so easy with a little Zout?

Avery just adores Caden, and he's pretty sweet with her too :)
Chris, Annette and my parents
Avery and cousin Josh

A few of the grand kids who were at the temple
Avery and her best friend, cousin Brooke
The whole Yorgason family, minus Deb, Greg and Maxwell
The rest of these are Melissa's pictures. She is amazing!!!
This is in my parents backyard. Absolutely beautiful!!!Beautiful fountain and flowers you can see in the pool
The ice sculpture cake
Chocolate fountain
The piano man - notice the keyboard in his glasses - very creative
My sweet Avery!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Medical Woes

BEWARE: This may be the longest post ever. Just want to document all the details for myself.

So, the weirdest thing happened to Caden. On his third day of school, things were moving along pretty well. He was going okay, having fun, meeting new kids, doing fun things. All the fun things a mom wants for her kindergartner. Well, the morning of the third day he woke up and said his foot hurt. I passed it off as nothing, and told him that he had probably hurt it the night before at football practice. I went on to tell him all about my experiences playing sports in high school, and those things happen a lot, but that it would get better. Well, he said nothing more until after school. He had a friend over playing, and once or twice he told me his ankle hurt. I again told him he had probably just rolled it at practice, and it would feel better before long. We'd have daddy look at it when he got home. After all, he was running around with his friend, looking normal, and only mentioning it occasionally.

Well, around 5:00 we were running to the store to get something and he told me once more it hurt. I sat him down and looked at it and it was HUGE!!! From his toes all the way up to his knee he was swollen and I couldn't even see his ankle. What? We took him to my sisters house whose husband is a dentist. He's had some medical classes, and he thought it a little odd. He tends to be kind of laid back about this stuff, but he thought it needed to be looked at. We called one other person in our ward who has some medical training to see if he'd look at it too. He had the same opinion, that it needed attention tonight. He used the word 'cellulitis' and explained that if it was that, we would want immediate medical attention.

Well, I called and made arrangements for my mutual group, letting them know I wouldn't be there. We called our family Dr. but they don't have after hours. I called our Pediatrician and they wanted to send us for x-rays. After I asked more questions and gave her more information (I knew x-rays weren't the answer...his bones were not sore and he had full range of motion) she went ahead and had us come downtown.

Well, once the Dr. saw it she was quite perplexed. Not only was it swollen, it was really red and hot which was concerning. She couldn't figure out why there was no pain when touched. If it was an infection, that should be uncomfortable. Well, she recommended to us that we hospitalize him immediately and get him on an antibiotic drip over night, then watch him. Was she serious? I had no idea it was this serious. This made Ryan nervous, Caden started to cry, I was about to cry. He was doing so well in school, trying so hard to be brave everyday, I just felt this was going to be so traumatic for him. We asked a lot of questions because she just didn't seem confident in what she was telling us, and so I was really not comfortable with what she had to say.

I stepped outside and called my mom to see if she could make some phone calls. Our family Dr. is in their ward and another friend is an ER Dr. I just wasn't comfortable putting him in the hospital, and I wanted another opinion, but was concerned to ignore her recommendation if that was better for him. My mom made a few calls and of course no one was available. I got myself together and went back in. After talking it through with the Dr., we decided to get an oral antibiotic, take him home, and check on him every hour through the night. This certainly wasn't the easiest option, and at the time I didn't even know if it was the best option, but it is what we decided to do.

We stopped at my mom's on the way home and had my dad and Ryan and Matt give him a blessing. Although the blessing was for him, it gave me and Ryan such peace. We felt it was going to be okay. We took him home and started a long night of hourly checks, looking to see if the redness or swelling had changed, taking calls from the on-call Dr. (she was nice to follow up...she was just checking his progress). Waking up every hour during the night and trying to get your mind and eyes to work is a chore. But he seemed okay.

The next day we were supposed to follow up with the Pediatrician, but I wanted my family Dr. to see him. One, to get a second opinion. Two, in case they needed to put him in the hospital, this Dr. would put him up in the one closer to us. When I called the family Dr. to get him in, the nurse suggested we may need to just take him to the ER. The swelling had spread up his leg some more, and she thought that we needed to get him right in. Well, the Dr. wanted to see him first and I'm so glad we did. Although the leg just looked terrible, his gut was that it was okay, it wasn't infected, and that we just needed to keep on the anti-biotic. Rest, ice and wrap were the Dr.'s orders. Keeping a 5 year old down for very long is tough, but Caden was good. The Dr. was right...that was all he needed. I really feel like prayers were answered. It healed so quickly and Caden felt so much better.

These pictures were taken the day after, when some of the swelling had subsided. The black marks and dot were to track the swollen areas and redness.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Caden's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Caden's 1st day of school went pretty smooth. It's the rest after that that have been a little rocky. More to come later. He was a little nervous, but he was so brave. We took him and ran into his cousins Nicole and Brittany when we got there. They made things a lot less scary. They've been so good to take care of him since, sitting with him on the bus, walking him to class, looking for him at recess. It has made it a lot easier on me as a mom knowing they are there for him. I'm able to go in on Wednesdays and help in the class. That has been fun to be in there with him and see what he does. He has a great teacher and we hope the year will be a lot of fun and he can make lots of friends. He has a lot kids in his church class, but they all go to a different school. My little Caden has always been a little shy at first, so this has been hard for him to meet new people and try to find friends at recess, but he's trying we're very proud of him for being so brave. We love you Caden!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mallorie's Wedding

Ryan's niece Mallorie got married and they wanted Avery to be a flower girl. We weren't quite sure what she would do or how long she would last, but she did a good job. Mallorie's husband has been in the military, so they had Avery come in after the marines. It didn't seem to faze her. She followed her older cousin, carried her little basket (although she never dropped a single flower) and stood up front. While she last longer than I expected, she got a little scared after she was up there and couldn't see anyone she knew. She started crying and Ryan had to take her out. Needless to say, she didn't got back and finish the job after they were married walking back down the aisle. She was very pretty and did a great job!

Before the wedding, Grandma Paula put curlers in her hair and make her look adorable!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Western Idaho Fair

Every year we go to the Western Idaho Fair, eat the food, pet the animals, get the treats...and every year we tell ourselves to eat before we go next time. The food is so expensive and gross, yet we feel like we aren't getting the whole fair experience if we don't eat dinner. I guess that's because our kids aren't really into the rides yet, so eating dinner there gives us something to do. It was my brother Matt's birthday, so we met up with my parents, Matt and Becca and Jake. It was such a hot day, but we were able to find a little shade and "enjoy" our food.
We went to a couple of shows. This was the "Splash Dogs" show. They were kind of fun to watch them leap through the air into a big pool of water.
Avery loves animals. You won't find any pics of Caden in here. He stays as far away as possible.

Avery attempting to milk a cow. I'm not sure if she actually did or not. I was to worried about getting it all on film and camera.
We also saw the bunnies, petted sting rays and toured the exhibit where Ryan could buy some $5 baseball hats. The last show we went to was the 4 X 4 show. It sounds crazy, but we went last year and loved it. I don't have any pics, but we're looking forward to it next year too. We finished the night off with cotton candy, elephant ears and the famous Idaho ice cream potato.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Little Fish

I've said this before, but Avery has no fear of the water. I'm glad, but it is a little scary at the same time. She doesn't really seem to care if anyone is there to get her out, she'll just jump or go under. She seems to think she can swim and while she moves around in the water pretty well, she's not quite ready for that. Notice the tie-dye swim to love hand me downs :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Twin Falls Temple Open House

A few weeks ago we tried to go to the Twin Falls temple Open House. On the way, one of us got sick (won't say who) and we needed to turn around and head home. Well, we really wanted the kids to see it. I'm so glad we made the trip back. We left on a Friday after work around 5:45 and got there at 7:45. We were able to get through the session and get out and take a few pics. It was starting to get a little dark, so they didn't turn out great, but it was well worth the drive. The temple is beautiful inside and out!!! We left to head home around 10 pm, and got home around midnight. It made for a late night, but we all are so glad we went.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hunter's Creek Pool

Just outside Meridian is a little town called Star. My dad has put a neighborhood there and Ryan has one of his homes out there. They've put a really cool pool in there and since only one family lives in the neighborhood, we've gone out there to swim. We called Becca and Jake to go on this Saturday and it was so nice to have it all to ourselves.

Caden and Allie being Transformers

Ryan & Avery
The kids wore themselves out and decided it was time to start snacking

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to McCall

We headed back up to McCall for a quick weekend. We were there with my sister Becca and her family and my mom and dad. We pretty much spent the whole day outside. It was a little cool to start off with, but it warmed right up and we had a great time.

Caden finally warmed up to the idea of jumping of the dock. He did this over and over with Nicole.

The kiddos were digging "all the way to the water". They thought it was pretty cool you could dig down through the sand and find water.
The guys doing a little work on the jet ski, trying to get a rock out.
Avery carried this little basket around everywhere, picking up sand toys and buckets. She did quite a good job cleaning up the beach when it was time.

Avery and Brooke watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
This was the church/barn I posted about on the 4th of July. The church up there is being remodeled, so they have built this barn at the Bishop's house that they meet in every week. They even included all the farm smells :) It's a fun experience to go to church there.