Friday, August 31, 2007

Why does he want to count my teeth?

Caden made his first visit to the Dentist. It went better than it might have, had he not been going to his Uncle Jake. We just told him Jake wanted to count his teeth. He kept asking why, but he eventually trusted us. In the end, no cavities and 2 toys from the dentists toy box. I think he won't mind going next time.

A little nervous before going in. He sat so still for the x-rays. At least it was only 2 instead of the 18 his mom and dad got.
Uncle Jake being so careful and gentle. Caden really trusted him. As you can tell, he's quite comfortable in his seat watching Tom and Jerry in the overhead TV.
Not terribly exciting, but his eyes were funny to watch. He wanted to watch the cartoon, but he was a little leery of what Jake's assistant was up to.

When he was all done, the assistant set a chair up so he could finish his cartoon. It doesn't look too comfortable, but he didn't mind.
Showing his clean pearly whites! Yea - no cavities!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why is he wearing my jammies?

Our kids have no hope when it comes to practical jokes. Caden's figured them out quick and likes to "prank" us all the time. The other night we got the kids ready for bed, but reversed their jammies. Caden figured it out and thought it was pretty funny, but Avery wasn't so sure. She wanted her jammies off Caden and she let all of us know it!Once we got the issue resolved, Avery was ready for prayers. Her little arms are short and small, but this is how she prays. It's so sweet and simple, until prayers are over and she shouts "Amen"!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Skiing at Black Canyon w/the Brown's

We went to Black Canyon with my sister and her family, the Brown's. It was up and back on night, but it's only about 45 minutes and it is beautiful there. We went a few weeks ago for my brother's birthday and Ryan wondered why I haven't shown him places like this over the last 4 years we've been here. Maybe we'll go more often now. Caden had fun with his cousins and Avery had fun in the tube with mom.

We had a picnic on the shore before heading out.Caden enjoyed his time with cousins more than getting in the water. We just had to keep them in the boat rather than off the front.
Avery had fun riding on the tube - she would do that all night if we let her
All of us were a little wet and tired at the end - ready to go

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Matt's B-Day in McCall

We made it to McCall again for Matt's b-day. He's my brother, and he loves being together with family for his birthday. This year we went back to McCall and had such a fun time with him. He always brings us together, makes us laugh, and keeps us fully entertained.

This was in the yard when we got there. He spent several hours laying in the shade and letting us look at him.
Caden spent most of his time playing in the sand
Avery spent most of her time on the jet ski with Ryan - when she wasn't sleeping.
Ryan was trying to talk Caden into jumping off the dock again for the video camera. We tried every bribe we could think of, but it didn't happen. Once was enough for him.
Caden has fun pretending to drive - sometimes we have to slow him down!
Avery loves to tease and resist - her dad got her good this timeMatt's a good sport with the prank presents. He laughed about the can of corn (not so much a favorite of his) and the grey hair cover up for men. Caden and Gabe had a lot of fun as usual. They finally slowed down enough on Sunday to "just sit there" and watch a show.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ward Campout

This weekend was the ward campout at Givens Hot Springs. We've never dared camp out with Avery, and the only camping Caden has done is in the backyard with Ryan. We decided to brave it and see how it went. Happily, we can say the kids did great. Avery loved running around with kids her size and Caden enjoyed his buddy Easton Fabrizio (which is why he isn't in any pictures - they ran around crazy the whole time). This was my kind of camping - a pool, outdoor bathrooms, grass...not a bad setup. Despite camp being right on the highway and hearing cars all night with a little airport right accross the street, the kids slept better than mom and dad. As soon as we got home, we put Avery down for a nap, a movie on for Caden and Ryan and I took naps.

Avery and Braxton Fabrizio

A tired little girl at the end of the trip

Monday, August 6, 2007

Just a test

I thought I'd test out one of these cool photo reels. What do you think? Should we go with it?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We Love You Grandpa Merrill

It's been a year since Ryan's dad passed away. We have really missed him and try to talk often to the kids about their Grandpa Merrill. He was such a wonderful man who was such an example to everyone. The arrangement below was made by Ryan's mom for the funeral. If you click on the picture and see it larger, you can learn so much about Merrill. I thought she was so creative. Notice the can of Pepsi, the chap stick, the old car, the Oreo in the car (which had the cream eaten and cookie put back by Caden), Vick's, Harrison Ford's The Fugitive, the Macey's pin , the duct tape, the old knife and the handkerchief. All of them have special meaning about Merrill and his life. Caden often says in his prayers that he knows he'll see grandpa when he dies. I'm so thankful for the gospel and it's eternal truths that we can be together forever.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boys vs. Girls

There really is a difference between boys and girls. I am reminded of it every day as I watch Caden and Avery play. I notice the separation more and more as the kids get older and Avery gets more and more independent. As the pictures show, Caden gets bumps, bruises and picks at his scabs. Avery carries purses (which she didn't learn from me), tries on shoes, wears head bands (not me either) and talks on the phone (okay, I'll take credit for that one).

Avery being all girl. She looks like this most days, getting ready all by herself. Notice the purse, 2 headbands, and most importantly - the cell phone to the ear.Caden showing his bumps, bruises and scabs.
Caden going to bed as a super-hero.