Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What a fun Memorial Day

So, I don't have pictures to go here, it seems my camera hasn't made it anywhere I've gone in the last - well - it's been too long. But we had a wonderful Memorial Day yesterday at my Mom and Dad's house. We figure there were about 60 there, and it was a fun day of BBQ, games and lots of swimming. Caden is such a fish. We have a pool in our Neighborhood that we go to everyday, and he has no fears of the water. So yesterday he took full advantage of the 90 degree water, the diving board, and the pool games. He amazed most who watched at his lack of fear. I guess he doesn't really know what to fear since he's always done so well. It was fun to watch him have pure and simple fun, spending the day in the water with his dad doing what he loves.

Avery, on the other hand, didn't dare. She went under last week at our pool and I think she's been a little nervous since. She's perfectly find watching from the side, eating homemade icecream or dipping her toes in, as long as she doesn't get two feet wet.

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