Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reflection on President Hinckley's Life

I saw this video on my friend Elizabeth's blog. It was such a nice reflection on the Prophet's life and what he stood for. The picture towards the end of him at what appeared to be his wife, Marjorie's funeral, broke my heart. There is such joy knowing he is with her, and that we all can be together forever. He lived a wonderful life. Now is the time for us to stand a little taller and be a little better, just as he always taught and showed us to do.


Greg & Deb said...

Thanks for posting these two video clips. I enjoyed the tribute to his life.

jenny said...

martha, I loved that!! I wish I knew how to put that on my blog! I will miss him dearly!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Martha (a day late)! I sure miss you. Hope you had a great day.