Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cute Quotes

Caden's had a few really cute things he's said lately:

Today when saying the prayer, he said "Bless Avery that she will close her eyes RIGHT NOW!!!"

He also blesses that his and Avery's testimonies will grow in every prayer. Kind of sweet, that he remembers and thinks to ask for that. Oh, the faith of a child.

The other night, he had just brushed his teeth and then blew in my face to see how it smelled. He likes the smell of freshly brushed teeth, who doesn't? I told him it smelled so clean, to which he replied "Like a clean toilet?"...not quite I told him.

At church today Caden wore a new tie. I asked him after if anyone noticed or said anything. He told me that one of the little girls in his class told him she didn't like it. I asked what he did, and he said he told her he didn't like her dress. Not exactly the response I thought would have been best, but maybe expected for a 4 year old.


Rick and Annie said...

Kids say the funniest things. I am so thankful for all the funny things they say. They keep a really big smile on my face.

John and Rachael said...

Okay, this post cracked me up. The clean toilet comment was hillarious. Kids are soooo cute.