Friday, April 4, 2008

Tonights Prayer

Caden's prayer went something like this tonight.

First, he started by telling me I was really going to like it. Then he proceeded to mention each of the following.

I love Jesus more than anything.
I know President Monson will be the greatest leader ever.
(at this point, he looked straight at me and asked if Heavenly Father died or is he alive. I told him he is living)
Grateful Heavenly Father is not dead and that he is alive today.
Grateful that there are no Magalons on the earth
I'm grateful I can see President Hinckley and Grandpa Merrill after they died.
I know this church is true.
Grateful for our opportunities

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Becca Brown said...

What a great little prayer!! I love to hear kids pray cause it really lets us know what things they think about & what's important to them. That was just precious!!

Lance and Becky said...

So glad you wrote that down, priceless! What a precious little prayer that is!

Rick and Annie said...

You will be so glad someday that you wrote this down!! glad to see that you are blogging again.

Philip and Melissa said...

Martha!!!!!!! so glad you found our blog!!!!! I loved reading about his prayer...what a great thing to record. Caden will love to read that someday.

Are you here in Boise? Yes, we're here at our parents trying to figure out where to go. Any suggestions?

Porter Family said...

I love little kids prayers. Your kids are so cute! We decided to go private on our blog, but we would like to add you guys if you want, so email me and I'll add you on.