Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Pool Time Fun

We've raised little water rats! My kids love the pool, almost to the point where it scares me. Caden has really taken off and swims all over the place, jumping off the diving board, swimming from one side to the other. I don't know when or how he picked it up, but he is doing awesome!!! Don't tell Avery, but she doesn't know how to swim yet. She thinks she can, and has no fear of the water. She usually likes to sit on the floor of the pool for as long as she can before popping back up out of the water, or she'll just step off the edge of the stair or pool knowing that before long, someone will get to her. It scares me, but I'm also glad they aren't afraid and want to be around it. It just keeps us on our toes.

Usually we swim at our neighborhood pool. It is the best pool I've ever been to. It is so kid friendly, has the zero entry (like a beach), the whole front half is deep enough for kids to walk around and the back half is about 5-6 feet deep for adults to swim. There are fountains, several water features out of the pool to play in...just so much fun!!!

Avery and her friend Maren Wycherly

We also love going to Grandma and Grandpa Yorgason's pool. This night, we went around 9pm so it was beautiful outside and the pool felt so good. Becca and Jakes's family went too, and my kids loved having races, water fights, playing colors and jumping of the diving board with them.
Not sure what the deal is with the tube, I think he thought it made him go faster in the races. You can't see the other kids lined up next to him, with my brother Matt trying not to get his hair wet. If you know Matt at all, this is not a surprise...getting in the pool trying to get as little wet as possible :)


Greg & Deb said...

Max has no fear either...I guess the good thing is it keeps you always watching them. I get nervous when parents get comfortable and say their kids won't get in.

Philip and Melissa said...

Look at those cute kiddos!!!

Kristen said...

Hey there! Looks like you guys are havnig a great summer. And your kids are adorable. Congrats on #3. I think I am about 6 weeks behind you. :)