Sunday, February 1, 2009

Book of Mormon Reader

We've really tried, honestly, to do family scripture study. It just hasn't worked how we had it in our minds. So, Ryan bought the kids a Book of Mormon reader and they have loved it!!! Ryan is good to try and read to them each night and Caden especially is understanding the stories so much more. It is a lot of fun to see the excitement they have for the scriptures and learning from them.


Kristen said...

That is so great. I bought one about a year ago, and we just recently started reading it with our kids. It is so nice to have them understand scripture stories a bit better. Especially because a couple of Sundays ago, Brynn was asked what her favorite scripture story was and she replied...Cinderella. (That is when we knew we needed to get the Book of Mormon reader out.)

Greg & Deb said...

Such a great idea. We read the "My First BofM" with Max each night. We let him choose what story he wants to read and it's cute to see what he knows...Enos, Abinadi, sheep, tower, Moroni, Alma, ship, liahona, swords, etc. He doesn't always know the character, sometimes he picks things out of the picture that stick with him. BTW, Where is Avery's shirt?

Savages said...

So cute, what good kiddos you have!We use these readers too. We go back and forth between the BoM and the New Testament. The kids love them and know some of the stories pretty well.