Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas was totally crazy and totally fun this year. We went to Utah to spend the holidays with Ryan's family. The kids traveled great, the weather was great, and we had such a good vacation.

A little impromptu picture in front of the Christmas Tree. This is as good as it gets when the little one is ready for her nap.
I don't think I've ever seen a happier boy on Christmas. Transformers are his life right now, and the pj's on Christmas Eve and an Optimus Prime and Bumblebee transformer from Santa made his day.
She loves her babies almost as much as Mickey mouse and the candy in her hand.
Just a little stroll for all the babies she could find.
Taking a break from playing in the snow

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Lance and Becky said...

What a fun Christmas! Your kids are so beautiful you guys! I love your hair, it looks great! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!