Thursday, December 13, 2007

Field trip to the fire station

A friend from the ward planned a trip to the fire station for a bunch of kids. Caden has always loved fire trucks and firemen. However, we've really never talked to him about fire and the dangers of it. I realized this trip could do two things - it could teach him about fire and the dangers, or it could intrigue him and peak his curiosity.

Just a night or two before the field trip, the battery in the smoke alarm in his room was dying, so that annoying beep started. Of course he wanted to know what it was, and when he realized that it wasn't working anymore and dad was going to just take the battery out so it would stop beeping, the questions really started. I didn't realize the connection he would make to the fire alarm not working any more and what would happen if the fire started in his room. This field trip was a great way for the firemen to answer a lot of those questions, what happens, how long it takes for them to come, etc.

This was such a good experience. He had his concerns resolved, and now he is our little fireman at home. He reminds us to turn off he fireplace, blow out candles, and he puts out pretend fires all day. He is always wondering what will cause fires and what things can catch fire, but it is out of concern rather than mischief.

Fireman showing the ins and outs of the truck...have you ever seen so many 3,4 & 5 year olds so attentive?
Explaining the jaws of lifeThe kids helped the firemen dress in their gear. They wanted the m to see and hear what to expect if they came to their house for a fire.After with the token fire hat

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