Sunday, November 23, 2008

Luke's Blessing Day

Luke was blessed November 23, 2008. It was so nice to have as many as could be here. Andrew and Kelli came up from UT and were able to bring Ryan's mom with them. It was so nice to have them all here.

I struggled for a while what to do about the big day. You see, we were told that we could only have 5 in the circle for the blessing. How is that possible when I have 5 brothers alone, 2 brother in laws, a father and 3 more brother in laws on Ryan's side? How do you pick and choose. We were told if we couldn't choose then it should be the father and two grandpas. Well, Ryan's father passed away a couple of years ago, and it seemed weired to just have Ryan and my dad in the 2 even a circle? So we toyed with the idea of doing it in our home. The bishop agreed to that, but then I felt I was going against the council of our Stake President who receive this council from higher up....has anyone else heard of this?

Well, Ryan's side of the family was not able to travel. So we still had 8 total that we had to narrow do you do that? The bishop said he could do 6, but no more. Well, I have amazing brothers of whom each volunteered to not be in the circle. That was nice of them, but when they all volunteer, we're back to where we started. I really struggled with this, right up to the blessing time. We were able to make a decision and I appreciate those who were not able to participate for understanding.

All that aside, it was a wonderful day. The blessing was beautiful and Luke was perfect all throughout the meeting...slept the entire time. Quite different from Avery, whom was screaming as I handed her to Ryan to walk up to the circle :( Anyway, the family all came over after for dinner and spent quite a bit of the day with us. Andrew and Kelli left and took Paula with them back to was so nice having them here even for such a short time.

Ryan's mom, Paula, with Luke
Ryan, Luke and my dad

The only decent pic we could get of us...Avery was blurry in all them because she wouldn't stop moving!

Luke and my dad, both sound asleep
The grand kids and Matt spent most of the day in the bonus room playing games...thank goodness for bonus rooms!!!
Rachel, Caden and Nathan

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