Monday, November 3, 2008

Quick Sale

So, we finally had to sale the reliable, fuel efficient, Accord I've had for so long. I got this car the month before I met Ryan, so it basically felt like part of the family. Once Luke was born, and we are now a 3 car seat family, it was just too small and we either had to get a bigger car or always drive separately. That wasn't really an option, so we deliberated on a price and listed it on craigslist. Amazingly, after it was listed for 1 hour we got a call. A guy and his girlfriend were interested. After looking a few times, taking it to their mechanic, bringing their friends to see it, etc., it sold to him. When does something ever happen that fast? I guess it was a good time to sell a car like this. It was right before gas prices came down, so I guess it was a wanted vehicle. We felt lucky to sell it so fast. I guess the girl that bought it lives in the neighborhood next to us, so we often see it driving around :)

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