Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

This year we went to my parents for Christmas Eve. Everyone was here, except for Deb and Greg and their 2 boys. I think there were about 30 of us in all. We had a yummy dinner and then the grand kids put on the Nativity. They did such a cute job. Thanks to Lucy for putting that together! Then we watched "The Nativity", a video put out by the church, and my dad finished off by reading the story of Christ's birth out of Luke. It was a special evening being surrounded by family.

My brother Chris has his birthday on Christmas, so we also were able to celebrate with him. He wife Annette brought Cake and ice cream for all of us - YUMMY!!!

Caden was a Wise man, and Avery was an angel
All the grand kids getting ready to start the play
Nicole was the narrator
Caden (Wise man) telling Joseph they'd have to sleep with the animals
Luke was baby Jesus
Angel Avery holding her sheepMy dad reading the Christmas story out of Luke

Chris blowing out birthday candles
Getting ready to open their Christmas Eve jammies - do you think that is what they thought was in there? Caden was a little disappointed it wasn't a toy, until he realized everyone got the same thing.
All the grand kids (minus Cole and Max) wearing their jammies

Avery hiding in the trunk of stuffed animals

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