Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas break in McCall

The day after Christmas, the whole Yorgason family went to my parents cabin in McCall. We usually go twice a year as a family, more if we can, and we always look forward to those times. We weren't sure what the snow would be like up there, but it was perfect the whole time. We usually went out each day and rode snowmobiles, tubed behind the snowmobiles, built snowmen, made sledding hills, played snow is so much fun. Their yard is perfect for all for these things. I think it's the only place on the lake you can snowmobile from...the water drops low enough that there is a huge area to ride out into the lake area. New Years Eve is fun b/c we usually get the kids dressed in their gear and head out around 8 or 9 and spend a few hours out there. It's something we all look forward to each year!

One of the funnest things the kids did was ride from the steps at the cabin on a tube, all the way through the yard down the hill into where the lake was. It was slippery enough they could do that, and then Ryan would pick them up on the snowmobile, he'd carry their tube, and they'd ride behind the snowmobile back to the cabin. They did this for hours and Ryan was so good to drive all the grand kids, and even a few of the "big kids" around.

Avery with her cousin Brooklyn - they are the best of friends
A lot of the gang out enjoying the snow
Avery doing what she does best in the snow - eating it
Avery getting her first haircut from Andrew's wife Kelli

Avery tubing behind the snowmobile with Grandma Yorgason.
View from the cabin
Greg wearing his gag gift from Dave and Lucy...footed pj's
Caden and his best buddy/cousin Gabe
Caden and Avery ready to ride the tube

Avery riding with crazy uncle's like he's from Chicago or something wearing those shorts with Sorels
Caden and Max


Annie said...

I have such great memories of that place! What a fun time. You guys have definitely been busy over the holidays and your little one is not so little, but sooo cute!

Greg & Deb said...

We had so much fun up there with you and everyone else. Ryan was a trooper to always pick us up at the bottom of the hill!