Friday, January 16, 2009

Krazy Couponing

Guess how much this cost me?
About $45....saved$75

And this?$25...saved $93

I have to say I'm officially addicted to couponing!!! And I love it when someone else does all the work for me! I've added new links to my sidebar for some of my favorite money saving sites. My latest favorite is the Krazy Coupon Lady. It is a group of girls from my area who find great deals and post them. The best part is they will search through ads, find the best deals at grocery stores, and then post what to buy, where to buy it, links to coupons, etc. They save you so much $$$.

For example, last week Albertsons had a crazy basically could buy 3 packs of Pampers Diapers for $4...not $4 each, but $4 total!!! Looking back, I should have bought way more than I did! The problem was, you couldn't find them on the shelves anywhere in town, and when they were on shelves, people were clearing off the shelves and buying like 50-60 packs of diapers!

Anyway, I spent $177.89 on groceries and saved $261.90! So, I got $439.79 worth of groceries for $177.89.

Here's my list:

Pampers 10 packs
Rice A Roni 8 boxes
Kellogs Protein Water 36 bottles
Hamburger 7 lbs.
Potatoes 10 lbs.
Dasani Water 24 .5 liter bottles
Fiber One Bars 2 boxes
Cascade Dish Soap 2 boxes
Go-gurt 6 boxes
Yoplait Yogurt 20
Chicken 8 lbs.
Eggs 2 dozen
Charmin Bath Tissue 36 rolls
Cereal 11 boxes
(Cheerios, Kix, Chex, Cinnamon Life)
Granola Bars 6 boxes
Oatmeal 4 boxes
Popcorn 1 box
Cheese 4 lbs.
Milk 1 gallon

The Protein Water, Hamburger, Chicken and Cheese really brought my cost up...those 4 things alone were about $65 of the $177. This was my first time really trying to coupon shop and make it work, so I know many have done way better...but it was a lot of fun!


*NaTaLiE SaNdaLL* said...

Martha, I am super impressed! I need to start doing this, my sister in law has been trying to tell me for a while. You may have just inspired me to put a little effort in to saving myself some $$$! Thanks!!!

Dan and Emily Clark said...

Marth...Whats up with the protein water? Was that required to purchase to get the other deals? Or are you into that stuff? Sounds like a great deal!

Philip and Melissa said...

whoa! nice work sister....I'm terrible with coupons!