Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Caden had his pre-school pumpkin patch field trip today. It was so much fun. Ryan was going to come with us, but he ended up getting sick so he stayed home with Avery. I loved the one on one time with Caden. When we first got there we went on the hay ride with his buddies Noah and Easton.
After the hay ride they took us to the patch where the kids were all able to pick one pumpkin. The only rule is they had to be able to carry it out on their own. Caden was so indecisive, trying to figure out which was the best. We must have picked up 10 before he decided on the one.

After all was said and done, we pushed our luck a little far with the good weather. We decided to go on one more hay ride with Noah, and part way through it the rain started coming down!!! We raced to our car and after all that fussing about the perfect pumpkin, I dropped it when we got to the car because we were so wet. Caden was a good sport about it and said we could just put the big crack at the back when we set it on the porch. Such a fun day and can't wait till next year!

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