Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to McCall

We headed back up to McCall for a quick weekend. We were there with my sister Becca and her family and my mom and dad. We pretty much spent the whole day outside. It was a little cool to start off with, but it warmed right up and we had a great time.

Caden finally warmed up to the idea of jumping of the dock. He did this over and over with Nicole.

The kiddos were digging "all the way to the water". They thought it was pretty cool you could dig down through the sand and find water.
The guys doing a little work on the jet ski, trying to get a rock out.
Avery carried this little basket around everywhere, picking up sand toys and buckets. She did quite a good job cleaning up the beach when it was time.

Avery and Brooke watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
This was the church/barn I posted about on the 4th of July. The church up there is being remodeled, so they have built this barn at the Bishop's house that they meet in every week. They even included all the farm smells :) It's a fun experience to go to church there.

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