Monday, August 18, 2008

Western Idaho Fair

Every year we go to the Western Idaho Fair, eat the food, pet the animals, get the treats...and every year we tell ourselves to eat before we go next time. The food is so expensive and gross, yet we feel like we aren't getting the whole fair experience if we don't eat dinner. I guess that's because our kids aren't really into the rides yet, so eating dinner there gives us something to do. It was my brother Matt's birthday, so we met up with my parents, Matt and Becca and Jake. It was such a hot day, but we were able to find a little shade and "enjoy" our food.
We went to a couple of shows. This was the "Splash Dogs" show. They were kind of fun to watch them leap through the air into a big pool of water.
Avery loves animals. You won't find any pics of Caden in here. He stays as far away as possible.

Avery attempting to milk a cow. I'm not sure if she actually did or not. I was to worried about getting it all on film and camera.
We also saw the bunnies, petted sting rays and toured the exhibit where Ryan could buy some $5 baseball hats. The last show we went to was the 4 X 4 show. It sounds crazy, but we went last year and loved it. I don't have any pics, but we're looking forward to it next year too. We finished the night off with cotton candy, elephant ears and the famous Idaho ice cream potato.

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