Monday, August 25, 2008

Caden's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Caden's 1st day of school went pretty smooth. It's the rest after that that have been a little rocky. More to come later. He was a little nervous, but he was so brave. We took him and ran into his cousins Nicole and Brittany when we got there. They made things a lot less scary. They've been so good to take care of him since, sitting with him on the bus, walking him to class, looking for him at recess. It has made it a lot easier on me as a mom knowing they are there for him. I'm able to go in on Wednesdays and help in the class. That has been fun to be in there with him and see what he does. He has a great teacher and we hope the year will be a lot of fun and he can make lots of friends. He has a lot kids in his church class, but they all go to a different school. My little Caden has always been a little shy at first, so this has been hard for him to meet new people and try to find friends at recess, but he's trying we're very proud of him for being so brave. We love you Caden!!!


Christine said...

Ya!!!! First day of School! My Little Zac started Kindergarten this year too! it so Exciting!!! and you look look great for 5 weeks from having a baby! Were are you keeping him! I cant even see a belly! I go straight out when I am prego! CONGRATS!!! that very exciting! your family is adorable!

Greg & Deb said...

Martha, how are you still so small? You can hardly see that you are pregnant in the picture! Somehow I didn't get the genes you and Becca got.