Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chris & Annette's Wedding

My brother Chris got married, making all the Yorgason kids finally married (except Matt, who thinks he's next now)!!! My sister Deb and her family were not able to be there since she is close to having her baby, and we missed her and Greg and little Max tons. Except for that, it was a perfect day. Everything was beautiful and the ceremony was amazing, even though I thought my brother Matt was going to throw up on me. Didn't happen, but it would have been quite a story to tell. I've added lot of pictures, some which Melissa Boyle Niu took. She is an amazingly talented photographer and a family friend and it was so fun to have her and her brother there. Click on her name if you want to see more of her work.

I wish we could have captured the whole night in pictures. The reception was in my parents backyard, where all of us have had our receptions. My parents have figured this out to a T, and I don't think there was one thing they forgot. They even painted the grass with food coloring where the dead spots were. Nothing was to be left undone. The tent was beautiful, the lights in the tent and bushes set the perfect mood, the food was amazing, desserts were to die for...Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes and a Chocolate Fountain, ice carved into bowls to serve drinks, wedding cake carved out of ice, music I could have listened to all was all so perfect. The kids played their little hearts out on the playground, helped themselves to as much sugar and sweets as one could handle. Caden was so sweaty and hot before the night even got started. He and his cousin Gabe know how to have fun only like boys do. Avery spent the night dancing on the dance floor, playing in the sand, eating lots of food. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Caden went through two shirts and two pairs of paints by the time the night was over. Who knew chocolate and mud would come out so easy with a little Zout?

Avery just adores Caden, and he's pretty sweet with her too :)
Chris, Annette and my parents
Avery and cousin Josh

A few of the grand kids who were at the temple
Avery and her best friend, cousin Brooke
The whole Yorgason family, minus Deb, Greg and Maxwell
The rest of these are Melissa's pictures. She is amazing!!!
This is in my parents backyard. Absolutely beautiful!!!Beautiful fountain and flowers you can see in the pool
The ice sculpture cake
Chocolate fountain
The piano man - notice the keyboard in his glasses - very creative
My sweet Avery!!!


Christine said...

Hey Martha, I came to leave you my email address, and saw you changed some things around! Looks GREAT! the wedding looks FAB!!! That's GREAT that Chris got married! I changed my blog to private! It was a little creepy I had so many people looking at it that i did not even know! so if you send me a email to .... with your email I will send you an invite!

Becca Brown said...

The night was wonderful & it was sad to see the night end. I've loved all the receptions there--everything looks so beautiful & having all the family there is the best. I love the photos.

Greg & Deb said...

Cute of Avery kissing Caden! Thanks for sharing pictures...that was the first one of I had seen of the family there.

Kristin B. said...

I loved all the pictures! So happy for Chris!

Philip and Melissa said...

Thanks for the shout out Martha!!!! You're very sweet. It was so fun to see you and your family...what beautiful kids!!!!!!!!!

Porter Family said...

Holy small world--Jeff and Angela Boyle are friends of ours from Idaho. Melissa is a great photographer. I've seen her work on Angela's blog. Looks like you guys had a fun time! Good luck with the last month of pregnancy.

Lance and Becky said...

What cool pictures! The ice sculpture cake is awesome...I've never seen that before! Your kids are so guys are a beautiful family!

Shandis said...

I love your family picture! Please tell everyone hi for me! I adore your entire family! It looked like such a beautiful day and wonderful celebration!!