Saturday, September 1, 2007

BYU Football!!!

We went to Utah for the first BYU football game. We love this time of year. We actually were just planning on going to see Ryan's mom and family for the long weekend, but since there was a game and there were seats available, we went. We weren't sure how Avery would do for that long with no nap, but I guess with enough people to look at and food to eat, she can last a really long time. Caden and Ryan sat with his mom, and Avery and I sat with my parents and brother. That's why I don't' have too many pics or Ryan and Caden. The game was unbelieveable hot, we were sweaty and tired, but we had a lot of fun. We can't wait to go to another one!

The poor guy sitting in front of us. Avery couldn't keep her hands to herself and kept touching the couple in front of us. They were nice about it, but I'm sure bothered. She would drop her toys down below their chairs, and her sippy. Towards the end of the game the mans shirt had brown spots on the back. I asked Andrew, my brother, if he thought Avery had done that. Avery turned around and was holding an Oreo from her bag and had chocolate all over her hands and face. I couldn't bring myself to tell him. I'm sure he realized it was her.

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LauraJ said...

Nice updates! You going to the homecoming game? We will be in Utah this weekend all through next week - I would love to see you! Go Cougs!