Sunday, September 2, 2007

More Utah time

While in Utah, we got to see all of Ryan's family. Caden has a lot of fun playing with his cousins there, and this day we went to the Dyer's. He and Mckenzie become better friends the older they get. They found these 2 umbrellas and ran around most of the day in the rain. Unfortunately, we found Caden's at the end of the day turned inside out. I guess the wind got a little too strong - oops, sorry Ronalee.

Our kids also seem to have issues with animals. Caden hates them and Avery smothers them. We've talked off and on about getting a bunny. They just love Ronalee's bunny, and we think it might help Caden with his fears. Here, Avery was trying so hard to pet it without poking and scaring it. She also tried to give it her binky, touch his eyes, and kiss it. We'll have to work with her a little more.


Kristen said...

Martha...I am so mad. Aaron and I were in Utah that weekend also. We didn't go to the game. But, I wish I would have thought to call you guys. We actually stopped in Boise on the way home for a few hours (at the mall right off Franklin), and I thought to call you but I had left my cell phone in Utah, which had your # in it. Oh well. Next time.

alovera said...

hey martha, you probably don't remember me but i went to byu jerusalem with you. you won't believe how i found your blog! i'm in seoul right now and googled "utah time". on the right side were small images, one of which was a family. i clicked on it thinking - wouldn't it be crazy if i actually knew them? so it took me to your blog and it's you! i thought you looked so familiar and then figured out it was jerusalem. wow! i found mariah on your friend's list too. so great! glad you're doing well and your family is darling!