Monday, September 10, 2007

Mister Moppee's Birthday

Today was Caden's sunbeam teachers birthday. Her name is Sister Mockbee, but Caden has always called her Mister Moppee. We've tried correcting him, but figured no harm done. He came home from church and told us it was her birthday, so we decided to get her something. I asked him what he wanted to get her, and after giving a list of suggestions, he decided on lotion and flowers. We went shopping together and he found some things he thought she might like...brown sugar and fig lotion (from Bath and Body Works - Caden's got good taste...I bought myself some and love it) and pink flowers. He loves eating brown sugar on oatmeal so that was an easy one when her heard that one, and the pink flowers were the closest he could find to Lightning McQueen red. We took them to her house, I snapped a quick picture to capture the moment, and he gave them to her. Scared of the dog he could hear barking on the back yard, he was ready to hand them to her and run, but she managed a hug out of him. I thought it was cute and thoughtful of him to remember her.


Cala Clark said...

That is so precious, what a cute little guy!!!

The Richards in Canada said...

I sometimes look at Ella and can't believe how much she looks like Nali. It's hard to believe how big Caden and Nali are...seems like yesterday we are all at Oxford!