Friday, May 23, 2008

Caden's Pre-school Graduation

Caden just finished his pre-school graduation. After a tough final days of not wanting to go to school, or anywhere without mom or dad, we were so proud of him for going, doing his parts, and graduating. He learned so much this year, and I can't believe my little boy is going off to Kindergarten next year. He is really missing his teachers and friends. None of them will be with him in school next year, and he is having a hard time with that, but he is so good at making friends he'll be just fin. He got the "good guy" award and that sums him up...always trying to do the right thing, taking care of others, helping...Ryan thinks it's equivalent to the MVP. I think he's right :) He is such a special little guy and we love him so much. Congratulation Boo.

Caden and his buddy Easton
Caden & his teacher Mrs. Houts
Doing his "apple tree" part...I'll post the video when I figure it out

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