Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

This year we went to Utah for Memorial Weekend. We usually stay in Boise and get together with all the Yorgason's on my dad's side, but we decided it would be nice to be in Utah this year. The kids traveled great on the way down...better than they ever have. We didn't leave Boise until about 6:30 on Friday, so it made for a late night getting in around 12:30 in the morning. Of course, my kiddos held out strong like they always did and didn't sleep a wink in the car. Thank heavens for DVD players!!!

Ronalee and Jeff were nice as they always are to have us over for swimming and BBQ on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was too cold to swim, but we got quite a lot of volleyball and four wheeling in.

We went to the cemetery on Sunday to see Ryan's father's grave. Paula just picked out the tombstone and we thought it was really nice. Notice all the trees around in the picture, it is the most peaceful spot there with an incredible view of the valley and even Cougar Stadium. Avery was quite content eating her peanut butter and honey sandwich on the there anything wrong with that?

Kelli and Andrew came over after. We actually saw a lot of them that weekend and it was fun to see so much of them.

Monday, we had to make a stop at Brick Oven for lunch. Why don't they expand? I know they'd be a hit anywhere - at least we make it down there a few times a year for their yummy root beer and salad bar.

It was a fun weekend. The kids traveled great, probably better than I, and it was a nice relaxing weekend. We must have been quite a site on the road. Caden playing Ryan's palm pilot, Avery watching movies on the DVD player, me watching movies on my ipod, and Ryan listening to music/watching shows on his. So much for good quality family time :)

At the cemetery

Caden and Kelli
Andrew and Caden
Avery being silly Avery...trying on Grandma Paula's glasses
The kids with Grandma Paula. Notice the candy necklaces around their necks - they were supposed to last the trip :) Avery's made it about 3 minutes...Caden had good intentions, but who can stop after one bite?
When Avery ran out of necklace, she went for the toes...surprisingly, they kept her entertained for some time


Andy or Laisa said...

I don't know what we would do without portable DVD players either - we drive to Phoenix & even though we stop in Vegas for the night, the kids still need entertaining (ha ha). Merrill's tombstone is beautiful & Paula looks great....if you ever come down longer than a weekend, let us know, we'd love to hang out. :D

Philip and Melissa said...

The toe in mouth is impressive :-) By the way, hello!!! Congrats on the baby on the way!