Monday, May 12, 2008

Kami's Etsy Site

My sister in law Kami just created a new Etsy site. She has an amazing talent, and I love the things she's added so far. Soon she'll also be adding some of the cutest hand bags. I wish I had a picture to post of one, but they'll be coming soon. Below are just a few samples of what she has to offer, but she can do anything you want if you don't see something you like. Just click on an image to see it larger. Her prices are totally reasonable, the quality is great, and like I said, she's willing to do anything you want if you contact her. If you have favorite colors, styles, designs...whatever, she can do it. I've had a binki clip like these for both of my kids, and I love them. Also, she's made many, many bracelets for my little Avery and I loved putting them on her. I've added her site as a link on my sidebar, you can click here, or click on the title. If you like what you see, add her as a link on your blog to spread the word.

Bracelets for girls

Binki Clips

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reba said...

I just noticed your baby counter on your blog???
When are you due? We're not that far apart from eachother? And do you know what you're having?