Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Caden's 5th Birthday

Where did the last 5 years go? I can't believe our sweet little Caden is already 5. With the craziness of being out of town, we planned on taking the birthday easy. We were going to invite a few friends over to play, have family over for cake and ice cream that night, and keep it pretty low key. Well, Caden woke up that morning and wanted to know when his pump it up party was.? Last year we reanted a jump house for the backyard, but no go this year. I explained to him we were just going ot have a few friends over, but we came up with a back up plan. Apparently at the local pump it up party place, you can rent the facility for 1 1/2 hour for around $, no. Fortunately today they have open hours that we can just drop in and pay $6 per child. So, we decided to take a couple of friends and head over. I was worried about being there late, having it already full, and not knowing what to do then. Well, we got there, nobody else was there, and we had the whole place to ourselves for all of $ glad I didn't rent it for $200 for the same thing:) The kids had a blast, I think we totally wore them out, and only had a few bumps and bruises.
Notice the tears in the next picture...of course they had to bonk heads on the one that I was taking a picture of. Tough boys though, they just shook it off.We had cake and ice cream with the cousins. I didn't know that kids could make so much noise. I'm sure our neighbors wondered what was going on, but at least no one got hurt.
Happy Birthday Caden!!! We love you!


Greg & Deb said...

Happy Birthday, Caden! We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!

LauraJ said...

Happy Birthday! Holy Cow Martha - your kids are looking so grown up, when did that happen?

Fun to see the new posts!

Andy or Laisa said...

Hey Martha, that place looks like sooo much fun - do you know if there's one like it here in Utah? I know of a trampoline place in Lindon, but where you took your kids looks more fun. :D