Saturday, October 25, 2008

Avery & Lucas

Avery loves the time she has with Lucas in the mornings. Caden is at school, Daddy is at work, and she spends her time taking care of her little brother. As soon as she hears him in the morning, she comes running to me telling me "baby's crying". She runs to find him to either give him hugs, pat his head, or give him his binky. She is such a little mommy...always bringing him blankets, stuffed animals, dolls, pacifiers...anything she thinks will make him happy. She likes to start his swing for him if it's stopped, turn on his music, lay by him if he's in his boppy, and she always makes sure he is coming with us if we go anywhere. It's such a special feeling as a mother to see your children care for each other in such a tender, loving way!!!

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Philip and Melissa said...

I think Avery is such a little beauty!!!!!