Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Well, we went to the pumpkin patch twice. We tried to go Saturday night, thinking that because they were open until 9:00 pm they would have the patch lit up. Doesn't that seem logical if you're going to be open, you'd still be able to pick pumpkins? Well, we rode the hay ride around and when they got to the pumpkin patch, the driver jokingly asked if anyone wanted off. Everyone around us chuckled. Apparently we were the only one's who didn't know there weren't lights. Well, at least we got out of the house and enjoyed a free hayride. We did get the kids some donuts and did a hay bale maze.

We made it back Monday and planned a little better. I was a little nervous about taking Luke out, but we bundled him nice and tight.

First stop off of the hayride was at the petting zoo and pony rides.

Luke snuggled right up and took his bottle. It was a little bumpy on the hayride drinking it for him, but he managed and fell right to sleep.

Their prized pumpkin picks. They even picked a little one for their baby brother.

Eating hotdogs, nachos in the cold and dark.

We came home to carve our pumpkins, and Caden was not too fond of the "pumpkin guts". He had a lot of fun drawing his own pumpkin face and helping his dad carve them out.

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