Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucas - 3 weeks

I just have to post these pictures of his chubby cheeks. He is still growing fast...up to 9 lbs now! He is so fun, although he's decided he wants to fuss at night when the kids are down and I'm ready for some time to myself. He is so great all day, mostly sleeps (that's probably the problem), but at night a different Lucas comes out. We're trying to learn his cues, what calms him, how he likes to be hold, what his cries mean. Hopefully he can be patient with us as we're trying to figure this all out.

This was his first time to church. He was so good. He looked like this the whole time, never had to get him out. Can you believe that belly...I don't think he could get any more full.

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renae said...

he is getting so big! i can't believe how focused & alert he seems in these pictures-- does it really happen that fast??? i forget so much...

your family is so sweet & i love peeking in at how happy you all are together!