Sunday, August 5, 2007

We Love You Grandpa Merrill

It's been a year since Ryan's dad passed away. We have really missed him and try to talk often to the kids about their Grandpa Merrill. He was such a wonderful man who was such an example to everyone. The arrangement below was made by Ryan's mom for the funeral. If you click on the picture and see it larger, you can learn so much about Merrill. I thought she was so creative. Notice the can of Pepsi, the chap stick, the old car, the Oreo in the car (which had the cream eaten and cookie put back by Caden), Vick's, Harrison Ford's The Fugitive, the Macey's pin , the duct tape, the old knife and the handkerchief. All of them have special meaning about Merrill and his life. Caden often says in his prayers that he knows he'll see grandpa when he dies. I'm so thankful for the gospel and it's eternal truths that we can be together forever.

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