Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boys vs. Girls

There really is a difference between boys and girls. I am reminded of it every day as I watch Caden and Avery play. I notice the separation more and more as the kids get older and Avery gets more and more independent. As the pictures show, Caden gets bumps, bruises and picks at his scabs. Avery carries purses (which she didn't learn from me), tries on shoes, wears head bands (not me either) and talks on the phone (okay, I'll take credit for that one).

Avery being all girl. She looks like this most days, getting ready all by herself. Notice the purse, 2 headbands, and most importantly - the cell phone to the ear.Caden showing his bumps, bruises and scabs.
Caden going to bed as a super-hero.


Jake and Becca Brown said...

You've got such cute kids--even with the bumps & bruises. We love living close by & being able to do things together. Thanks for your friendship.


nicilee said...

I love to see what kids pick out to wear when they choose the outfit themselves. As long as it is decent I let it slide. Sometimes when Brian is home and he sees what she is wearing he looks at me with a "You're REALLY going to let her leave the house wearing THAT?" look. I just say it isn't worth the fight. Plus, it makes Savannah so happy to dress herself. Afterall, she is a big girl now.