Sunday, August 19, 2007

Matt's B-Day in McCall

We made it to McCall again for Matt's b-day. He's my brother, and he loves being together with family for his birthday. This year we went back to McCall and had such a fun time with him. He always brings us together, makes us laugh, and keeps us fully entertained.

This was in the yard when we got there. He spent several hours laying in the shade and letting us look at him.
Caden spent most of his time playing in the sand
Avery spent most of her time on the jet ski with Ryan - when she wasn't sleeping.
Ryan was trying to talk Caden into jumping off the dock again for the video camera. We tried every bribe we could think of, but it didn't happen. Once was enough for him.
Caden has fun pretending to drive - sometimes we have to slow him down!
Avery loves to tease and resist - her dad got her good this timeMatt's a good sport with the prank presents. He laughed about the can of corn (not so much a favorite of his) and the grey hair cover up for men. Caden and Gabe had a lot of fun as usual. They finally slowed down enough on Sunday to "just sit there" and watch a show.


Greg & Deb said...

I hadn't heard about the deer and the presents for Matt. I'll have to ask Matt about the hair dye when I talk to him next.

Jake and Becca Brown said...

I love McCall!! Wish we could have been there. It looked like another great trip for the family.