Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why is he wearing my jammies?

Our kids have no hope when it comes to practical jokes. Caden's figured them out quick and likes to "prank" us all the time. The other night we got the kids ready for bed, but reversed their jammies. Caden figured it out and thought it was pretty funny, but Avery wasn't so sure. She wanted her jammies off Caden and she let all of us know it!Once we got the issue resolved, Avery was ready for prayers. Her little arms are short and small, but this is how she prays. It's so sweet and simple, until prayers are over and she shouts "Amen"!


Greg & Deb said...

I wonder where Caden gets "squirrel up your pants."

Annie said...

that is really cute. I can only imagine the battle that would ensue in our house if we did that.